The Grange, Ramsgate.

I would like to emphasize that black and white photographs on this page bear no resemblance (in respect of fixtures, fittings and furnishings) to the rooms as they are now. The pictures merely illustrate the history of the Grange not its current state. The house is undergoing change and they are just a snap shot in time. In 1998 The Landmark Trust were awarded a grant of 183.000 by the Heritage Lottery Fund towards the purchase price of the Grange, as of 1st August 2001 they have been given one . one million from the same source for the restoration. March 2002 The Landmark Trust have now launched an appeal so that they can carry out substantial work that includes structural repairs, their target is to raise a further million.
photograph of the garden side of the Grange 1870's The Grange, is a listed Grade 1 building of great historic and architectural value. Pugin said it was built with 'not an untrue bolt or joint from foundation to flagpole'. He completed it in 1850 only two years before his death. It is constructed of light coloured brick with stone dressings under a slate roof, with a look out tower from which Pugin scoured the Goodwins for ships in distress.

The house is built with an expressed viewpoint. In comparison with the uniformity of Regency houses. With Pugin's houses it's possible to see from the outside where the staircase is and what the rooms where intended to be used for. The chimneys rise boldly upwards and the lightning conductors are all patterned with a P. Pugin could be described as an early functionalist.

photograph of the garden side of the Grange 1998
photograph looking through the front gates Looking at the house from the garden, the downstairs bay fronted window, was Pugin's library. From this room came all the designs for the Houses of Parliament. The two flat fronted windows to the right in the photograph above are the dining room.

The entrance is through large wooden gates with stone heraldic lions from Pugin's coat of arms on the gate posts added by Edward. They lead into a cobbled driveway with the Cartoon room on the right and St. Edward's on the left. The front door of the house is through a glass covered walkway, added by Edward as was the library on the right. The rooms on the garden-side face the sea. There are five bedrooms on the first floor and a bathroom. John Hardman Powell's bedroom with a cosy fireplace was in the tower, under the castellated top.

photograph of the dining room circa 1935 The picture on the left is the dining room, as it was in 1935, eighty three years after Pugin's death, still with its gothic wallpaper.

On the right is a picture of the small chapel in the house for private worship. The ceiling is blue with gold stars, the window is believed to be by W. Wailes. There is a small fireplace, Pugin did not think you could pray unless you were comfortable.

Pugin's original house is neat and compact. Edward's alterations and additions made the house more spacious for an ever growing extended family.

photograph of the chapel circa 1935
photograph of the music room constructed by Cuthbert, possibly in the attic, the room as it is in this picture no longer exists The galleried hallway is double height, on the ground floor to the right is the drawing room which leads to the library. The dining room and the chapel lead off the hall to the left. The kitchen area is opposite the dining room.

In 1904 the house was struck by a thunder bolt demolishing part of the roof and rooms beneath. The two gabled windows destroyed were made one and more space was provided internally. The house was occupied during the second world war by Canadian troops. After that it became a prep school and then fell into private hands and neglect. However the house retains a hint of its previous life, that bustled with family activities, visitors and as home for one of the Victorian era's most hard working, dedicated men.

photograph of the drawing room 1870's

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